Get Paid to Listen to Music [$8.00/Song] 9+ Sites You Need!

If you’re a music lover, the idea of getting paid to listen to your favorite tunes might sound like a dream come true. Believe it or not, there are several ways to earn money by simply listening to music.

This comprehensive guide will explore various platforms and methods for earning cash while enjoying your favorite tracks. From music review websites to mobile apps, we’ll help you navigate the world of music-based income streams and turn your passion into profit.

Music Review Websites

One of the most popular ways to get paid for listening to music is through music review websites. These platforms typically work with new or independent artists who are looking for feedback on their tracks. By providing your honest opinion on songs, you can help musicians improve their work and earn money in the process.

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is one of the most well-known music review websites, which allows users to rate and review songs from various genres. You’ll need to create an account and listen to each track for a minimum of 90 seconds before providing your feedback. The more detailed and helpful your review, the more you’ll earn per review. Payments are made via PayPal once you reach a minimum threshold.

Music Xray

Music Xray is another platform that offers users the chance to earn money by reviewing music from up-and-coming artists. To get started, create a fan account and select your favorite genres. Music Xray will then send you tracks that match your preferences, and you’ll earn a small amount for each song you listen to and rate. As you accumulate earnings, you can cash out through PayPal.

Mobile Apps

Several mobile apps pay users to listen to music, complete tasks, or participate in surveys. By downloading and using these apps, you can make money while enjoying your favorite tunes.

Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a mobile app that pays users for listening to music, playing games, and completing surveys. The app features a vast library of songs from various genres and artists, allowing you to customize your listening experience. As you listen and engage with the app, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

Playlist Push

Playlist Push is a platform that connects independent artists with playlist curators. As a curator, you can earn money by listening to and reviewing songs submitted by artists. If you like a track, you can add it to your playlist and receive payment for each song you review. To become a curator, you’ll need to own a playlist with a significant number of followers on a platform such as Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music.

Online Radio Stations

Online radio stations often pay listeners for tuning in and participating in various activities, such as completing surveys or referring friends.


RadioEarn is an online radio station that allows users to earn money while listening to music. By signing up and tuning in to one of their stations, you’ll accumulate points that can be converted into cash. In addition to listening, you can earn extra points by completing surveys, referring friends, and participating in other promotional activities.

Get Paid as a Professional Listener

Some companies and organizations hire professional listeners to evaluate music for quality, originality, and potential commercial success. While this career path requires a strong background in music and a discerning ear, it can be a rewarding way to earn a living by listening to music.

Music Consultant or A&R Representative

Music consultants or A&R (Artists and Repertoire) representatives work for record labels, scouting new talent and providing feedback on potential signings. These professionals must have a deep understanding of the music industry and the ability to identify artists with potential for commercial success. In addition to listening to music, A&R representatives may also negotiate contracts, develop marketing strategies, and oversee the production process for new releases. A career as a music consultant or A&R representative can be highly competitive, but for those with a passion for discovering new talent, it can be a fulfilling way to earn a living while listening to music.

Music Supervisor

Music supervisors work in film, television, and advertising, selecting and licensing the perfect songs to enhance the visual content. They collaborate with directors, producers, and other creative professionals to choose music that aligns with the project’s tone and style. Music supervisors must have a deep knowledge of music licensing, as well as a keen ear for identifying tracks that will complement visual media. By developing a strong network of contacts in the entertainment industry and staying up-to-date on the latest music trends, music supervisors can turn their love of listening to music into a lucrative career.

Monetize Your Music Knowledge

If you have a vast knowledge of music and enjoy sharing your insights with others, consider creating content that can generate income while allowing you to indulge in your passion for music.

Start a Music Blog or Podcast

Starting a music blog or podcast is an excellent way to share your thoughts and opinions on music while potentially earning money through advertising, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing. By creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience, you can build a loyal following and monetize your platform through various income streams.

Create YouTube Content

YouTube offers numerous opportunities for music enthusiasts to earn money by creating and sharing content. You can create music-related videos such as reviews, tutorials, or interviews, and monetize your channel through advertising revenue, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing. By producing high-quality, engaging content and growing your subscriber base, you can turn your love for music into a profitable online endeavor.


Getting paid to listen to music may seem too good to be true, but there are plenty of legitimate opportunities for music lovers to earn money while indulging in their passion.

Whether you’re providing valuable feedback to aspiring musicians, monetizing your knowledge through content creation, or pursuing a career as a professional listener, there’s no shortage of ways to turn your love for music into a rewarding and lucrative venture. Start exploring these options today and discover how you can get paid to listen to your favorite tunes.