How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram Fast (#1 Ultimate Guide)

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram fast is important and need to be strategic about it so you don’t lose IG followers and ruin your page for future growth.

What’s worst?

Getting banned from manipulating any features on Instagram would risk a permanent banned. If you like to know more about insider IG secrets tips, check out my #1 recommended Instagram University.

Let’s get right in.

Why Unfollow Instagram Followers

The fewer people you follow the better, which improves your account quality and allows you to get more followers, fast.

Most Instagrammer would be more preferable to follow pages with a low following which represents quality. But let’s get to the number #1 reason that you should unfollow Instagram followers.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once Reason #1: High Competition.

When you’re following above 1500 Instagrammers, influencers would be less likely to be following you. Why?

When you follow 1500, your Instagram feed is simply overwhelmed with too many posts. That’s why Instagram influencers wouldn’t follow you when you follow too many people and end up not being able to engage with what the influencers post.

  • The rule for getting more followers is to engage on each other pages. That means when you don’t engage with influencers, they don’t engage with you as well.

Unfollow Instagram Followers Reasons #2: Mess Up your Growth.

Instagram tracks you well so they can reward you with more followers. If you’re following people in all different niches on IG, it thinks you like everything. So here’s a thing,

  • About what to post on IG and the niche above, I always shared that you cannot post anything and everything on Instagram and expect more followers.

That also means if you’re following people in all different niches, Instagram’d think that you like everything. So, that will categorize your page well on Instagram and therefore, hard to grow.

Action Steps: only unfollow people that do not post the same thing as you.

How To Unfollow All on Instagram – Before The Click.

Before you unfollow IG followers, you’ll be ruining your page but knowing what you need to do… helps, and won’t ruin it badly but help you get even more followers as your page value and health score improved.

  • Losing Instagram followers: If you simply unfollow everyone, you’ll keep losing Instagram followers which leads us to the next problem. When you don’t have followers, you’re not going to get likes, and getting 1000 likes is going to be harder.
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 What you need to do is…

Who Exactly to Unfollow Instagram Followers

Only Unfollow “Not Following Me Back on Instagram”

Yes, instead of unfollow everyone on Instagram you want to unfollow and not following back.

  • That is one of the strategies to improve your follow-for-follow methods on Instagram to get more followers.

This is the most boring part that you have to do if you want to grow your page and make money on Instagram. If you want to cheat and use third-party apps, Instagram bots, and automation tools, check out the next part about mass unfollow everyone on Instagram.

None Moving Men Method

After you unfollow all inactive Instagram followers, you have to next apply the none moving men method. What is the none moving men method?

Remember you’re going to work driving traffic on a road of jam-packed of people. You want to unfollow those people. They’re blocking you while you’re trying to get more followers.

That’s one of the new IG features that now allows you to remove those followers as well.


Now, while you remove following you also want to remove your followers.

  • You don’t want to be following Instagrammers that give up on their page.

For example, if you’ve been working with nano influencers on Instagram, not many people would be brave enough to stand up strong to fight for their dreams.

If you see that is one of your cases, this is why you should consider the none moving man method to unfollow on Instagram, clean up and mass unfollow Instagram followers that way.

Mass Unfollow on Instagram

When you’re trying to solve the problem of “how to unfollow everyone on Instagram that is not following me” – Mass unfollowing on Instagram has stopped working. When you look to unfollow all Instagram at once for free online, using a PC or you know what?

  • If you even try to connect any third-party apps to your IG page, it’d either lower your page engagement and cannot grow anymore in the future or even get your page banned.

Most people talk about apps that work but they don’t. Let’s look into which apps used to work.

Mass Unfollow Instagram App. – Best Unfollow App for Instagram


  • Cleaner for Instagram: One of the greatest free apps that I used to get followers and likes and now they do not work anymore.
  • Mass Unfollow for Instagram: Another simple app was still working at the beginning of this year, but with all the new Instagram update, they quickly rejected all third party-app but only the ones that partnered with them are still working.
  • Unfollowers for Instagram or Follow cop: If you want to find which apps are still working you can look at my resources page.
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Manual Tricks: How to Unfollow on Instagram.

Unfollow all on Instagram with one click on PC: Unfortunately only manual tricks are still working right now! If you want more followers and more money, that’s what you have to do unlike if you start a blog instead. Before we’re getting into the trick let’s get right into it.

How to Unfollow on Instagram Without Getting Blocked

The only way how to unfollow on Instagram without blocking is to avoid using IG third party and unfollow everyone on Instagram too quickly, fast.

Action limits are an important element that you need to know – this is the of the important tips about manual tricks. If you get several actions blocked, it’s just the same as ruining your IG page and future growth.

The longest action blocked I know of is 24-day and not sure if that would be followed by a permanent ban.

I remember already getting around 300 to 500 Instagram likes per post and after just a 7-day action blocked, I notice a huge 25% drop in engagement and just action blocked limits by Instagram, but you know what’s next?


At this time, Instagram is getting so strict, and even a new IG page created posting half-naked girl photos would get banned so quickly.

  • If you check out a YouTube Channel called Thor Instagram, You’d find a video on his latest Instagram update about how strict they become.

Getting your latest IG content removed might or might not violate their terms of service. With shadowban, you’d have to also wait again for at least 2 weeks to 4 weeks to fully recover. – This blog post shared exactly how you can recover shadowban.

How to Unfollow on Instagram Fast on PC

Before getting into this trick, be sure to share this blog post on Twitter, this is a bonus trick that you can unfollow on Instagram even if you’ve experienced action blocked.

You can still unfollow on Instagram fast on PC. But,

  • don’t overdo it.
  • Completely stop this method if you experience a 3-day, 7-day or more action blocked.
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Otherwise, you’re liable to get banned by Instagram. That means if you have an initial action blocked, login to your Instagram account on your PC or Computer and continue to unfollow there.

I personally recommend only unfollowing 10 – 20 more Instagram followers and that’s it. But completely avoid pushing your luck.

Don’t let unfollow everyone on Instagram stress you, check out this #1 Instagram University.

Celebrities Who Mass Unfollowed on Instagram

These are the top celebrities that you manipulate and also gain followers fast. Simply follow and follow them to gain quick followers.

But they all have mass unfollowed on Instagram.

1. Taylor Swift


Another Instagram queen that doesn’t care about you if you follow her or not. She became famous for pursuing her music career at a young age. That’s why if you want more followers, you’d also need an external method like a blog to grow your followers.

2. Oprah


Another queen of Instagram, she doesn’t just have an Instagram page. But she utilizes an external method to grow her following to this massive number without just manipulating Instagram. In all of my blog posts shared about IG tips, I’d personally recommend you start your blog without only manipulating the app.

3. Adele


The number #1 best singer I know who is also started her career in the X-factor and got her fame to blow up quickly. Again, also because she uses an external source to grow her Instagram followers fast.

4. Beyonce


The queen of Instagram, she doesn’t even care if you follow or unfollow her. The popularity she acquired in the past decades of her music career allows her to get this mass number of Instagram followers.

5. RupiKapur


Rupi Kapur doesn’t even need to care if you follow her or not. As she is already an Instagram queen utilizing an external method to grow the following that allows her to grow Instagram followers quickly, fast.

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Conclusions. – Unfollow everyone on Instagram

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