Top 6+ Online Jobs & Work-From-Home Business Ideas for Moms

Are you looking for online jobs and business ideas for moms? I have over 50+ amazing ideas for you 🙂

An online job or working-from-home is the dream for many moms – I know it was for me. In fact, it was one of my biggest goals after giving birth – finding a way to make money from home.

I did a ton of research on work-from-home job opportunities and found that there are actually lots of great ways to make extra money online. And if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, why not consider starting your own business?

That’s the path that I took and I haven’t looked back – I absolutely love being my own boss. Plus, if you like to work a night time job, some of these ideas will be perfect!

In this epic list of work-from-home ideas, I’ve rounded up all of the online jobs I discovered, and some great business ideas.

And at the end, I’ve also included some of the ways I make a bit of extra supplemental income – these aren’t online jobs or businesses but they’re easy ways to put a bit of extra cash in your wallet.

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Cake decorator

If you have an artistic flair and you’re a talented baker, you could start your own cake decorating business from home. Craft stores like Hobby Lobby often hold classes on cake decorating, as do some community colleges.

Before you set up shop, make sure you check your local laws regarding selling food from your home.

Personal Chef

There are tons of people who don’t have the time, skill or inclination to cook dinner each night, but would love a home-cooked meal. If you’re skilled in the kitchen, why not become a personal chef?

I know of a woman who regularly cooks delicious, family sized lasagna’s and advertises them for $25 on Facebook. And let me tell you, they get snapped up straight away!

*Just like cake decorating, make sure you check your local laws regarding selling food from your home.

House Cleaning

Although not technically a work-from-home job, this is a good way to make some supplemental income – everybody wants a clean house, but most people don’t enjoy cleaning.

I know of a Mom who cleans two small apartments per week – it takes her about 1 hour and she charges $50. Not bad for an hours work!

Art Teacher

If you’re a talented artist, why not offer private art classes? You can do individual lessons or teach a larger group.

A friend of mine who is a talented Art School graduate runs a successful business teaching small groups to create their own masterpiece, from start to finish. Students are able to enjoy a glass of wine if they desire, and have a beautiful painting to take home at the end of the evening.

Personal Fitness Coach

The fitness industry is huge, generating tens of billions of dollars globally per year. If you’re passionate about fitness and have the right qualifications, you can tap into this industry and become an online Personal Fitness Coach.

You could write personalized training plans, do Skype sessions with clients, or devise a fitness routine and sell it on your website or via social media.

Life Coach

Life coaching is a $2 billion industry and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. If you’re an inspiring, caring and supportive person who wants to help others to achieve their full potential, then becoming a Life Coach might be a good idea.

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